June 18, 1994 Garner, Iowa Tornado

On June 18, 1994 an F1 tornado affected the City of Garner. That afternoon the tornado entered the Northeast side of Garner at the County Club while a wedding reception was being held inside. The pictures below were taken and provided by Michelle Penning and Dianne Dethmers Paca.

Picture No. 1
Provided by Michelle Penning

In this photo you can see the tornado's condesation funnel due to its collection of dirt and debris as it approaches the Garner Country Club. The Winnebago Vectra in the foreground was evacuating at the time.

Picture No. 2
Provided by Michelle Penning

In this photo the dirt and debris in the condesation funnel have decreased. However it is a clearer picture of the cloud contact funnel directly above the club house.

Picture No. 3
Provided by Michelle Penning

In this photo the tornado has picked up more dirt and debris and is a good representation of the size of the tornado as it gets closer to the club house. Note the curved funnel extending from the cloud base towards the ground.

Picture No. 4
Provided by Dianne Dethmers Paca

Fortunately the only casualty of this event was a Cadillac owned by Kenneth and Dianne Dethmers Paca. Even though this tornado was classified as only an F1 (wind speeds varying from 73 to 112 mph) you can see how powerful this storm actually was and the importance of leaving your vehicle if you are in the path of a tornado.



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