Storm Damage Reporting

Funnel Clouds
Wall Clouds
Water Over Roadways
Electric Lines/Poles Down

Be as accurate as possible for the location of these hazards (street address, approximate direction and distance from landmark or address, etc.) If reporting a tornado or funnel cloud, take a few seconds to observed the cloud structure to see if it is rotating, extending from cloud to ground, or if there is a debris field under the funnel. Never hesitate to contact law enforcement if unsure.

Storm Damage Reporting

Submit storm damage information (with or without photos) HERE
Please include your name, address, contact information (phone number and address), estimated value of losses/repairs (***This information will be collected to determine the severity and scope of damage assessment information.***)

Wind/Hail/Tornado Damage to Structures/Trees/Utilities
Water Damage to Structures and/or basements
Any other damages.


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