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Public Health Nuisances

The procedure for handling public health nuisance complaints is as follows:

Upon receiving a complaint a determination will be made as to whether the problem constitutes a “public health nuisance”.

The following are not public health nuisances:

  • Barking dogs, weeds, odors, piles of wood, structurally sound buildings, etc…

The following are examples of public health nuisances:

  • Open or abandoned wells, unsecured falling structures, untreated sewage discharges,
  • Extraordinarily large numbers of rodents and vermin, etc…

This determination will be made by the environmental health specialist and/or board of health, and will normally involve a visit to the site as part of the investigation.

If it is determined that there is a “public health nuisance” present the next step will be contacting the responsible party of the hazardous conditions and give reasoning why the conditions present a hazard to public health/safety and request a timely response to abate the hazards.

If no response is received, a more detailed request in writing will be sent out outlining the observations and reasons why the conditions are considered to be a threat to the public’s / community’s health.

If there is still no response the matter will be turned over to the Hancock County Attorney.

If you would like to report a “public health nuisance”, you may click on the link below for a nuisance complaint form.

Hancock County Nuisances Complaint Form



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