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Septic System Information

The Hancock County Environmental Health Specialist conducts site evaluations, sets design standards and conducts inspections for on-site waste water disposal systems (septic systems) within Hancock County. The purpose of this program is to protect surface and ground water from contamination of human sewage. Human sewage carries many harmful pathogens that may cause people to become ill or even die.

During the site evaluations inspectors determine soil types and locations where the septic system may be located. Then the system is designed to meet the needs of the house or other structure on the property. During the installation of the system the inspector reviews the construction to ensure that the design standards are met.

A permit is required to install or alter a septic system. The permit fee is $250.00. Permits are available at the HCPHS or at the link below:

To print a septic permit application click here (.pdf)

For more information on Septic systems click on the link below:




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