Veterans Service Officer

The Iowa Commission of Veterans Affairs offers information pertinent to Iowa Veterans. Their website is located here: Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Hancock County Veterans Affairs Program provides assistance to all eligible county veterans and authorized dependents in applying for federal, state and other benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  1. VA enrollment into the VA Healthcare System.
  2. Veteran compensation for service connected disability (Including appeals).
  3. Veteran pension for non-service connected disability.
  4. Surviving spouse/dependent children benefits.
  5. Burial benefits (Markers)
  6. Aid and Attendance for care facilities and housebound veterans.
  7. Assist with Veteran Home Loan Guaranty – Certificate of Eligibility.
  8. Assist with Education and Training Benefits.
  9. Assist with Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits & Employment.
  10. Assist with Veteran's life insurance (VGLI, Mortgage Life, Traumatic Injury, Family).
  11.  Assist with Obtaining military records and discharge documents (DD 214).
  12.  Assist with Applications for Iowa Veterans Home & eligibility for the Iowa Veterans Cemetery.
  13.  Assist with “Veteran” designation on driver’s license or ID. (Must meet eligibility requirements).
  14. We serve all veterans

What A VSO Is and Isn't


An accredited VSO Representative is someone who has been recommended for accreditation by a veteran service organization that is recognized by VA to assist on VA benefit claims.

We can help you navigate the world of Veterans Benefits! We are county employees, accredited through Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs and The American Legion to serve Veterans & their families.

We are not attorneys...

but...we are trained professionals & Veterans Benefits is our ONLY specialty! We are required to maintain our accreditation by keeping up with changes of the law and veterans benefits and continually undergoing veterans benefits training.

We are not VA...

but...we understand and work closely with the VA and the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA), as well as many other veteran service organizations, to provide you the most consistent service.

We do not financially benefit from a Veterans claim...

but...we help Veterans benefit financially!

For more information:

For current information on Veterans Administration services and policies, visit their website at
Des Moines Regional Office: (800) 827-1000
VA Hospital (Des Moines): (800) 294-8387
Marshalltown Soldiers Home: (641) 753-4325

Veteran Updates Page

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Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Appointments preferred due to privacy/safety

James Welsh


(641) 923-4427 (office phone)

(641) 923-4193 (office fax)

Hancock County Veterans Affairs Commission

Marv Johnson — Chair

Jim Nelson — Secretary

Veronica Maas — Commissioner

(641) 923-4427 (office phone)

(641) 923-4193 (office fax)