The Hancock County Engineer's Office is responsible for the planning, the design and the supervision of all construction and maintenance work performed on the secondary road system. Hancock County's road system includes a total of 1,012 miles of roads. Of that total there are 253 miles that are paved. There are also approximately 126 bridges over 20 feet in length.

The Secondary Road department, under the supervision of the County Engineer, is responsible for the general maintenance of all the county roads, bridges, and culverts. This includes installing traffic signs, maintaining the road surfaces, vegetation control in the road right of way, winter snow and ice control, and equipment maintenance.

The County Engineer's Office is located on the basement floor of the courthouse, and Secondary Road maintenance shops are located in Britt, Corwith, Crystal Lake, Garner, Goodell, Kanawha, Klemme, Miller, and Woden.

5-Year Program



Dust Control


Section Corners

*Official records are located in the Recorder's Office

Snow Removal Ordinance

Contact the Hancock County Engineer

855 State Street
Garner, Iowa 50438

(641) 923-2243

(641) 923-3587


Monday - Friday
7:00am to 3:30pm

Jeremy Purvis, PE

County Engineer

Lynn Bruggeman

Office Manager

Shaun Hackman

Assistant to Engineer

Bret Bredlow

Assistant to Engineer

Jim Francis

Road Superintendent