Hancock County Ordinances

These ordinances are reproductions that were copied into a text document and are only the verbiage of the original documents. To view the original, signed Ordinances please contact the Hancock County Auditor's Office at (641) 923-3163 or visit their office in person at 855 State Street in Garner.

Ordinance No. 1 (Repealed) Ordinance Adoption Procedure

Ordinance No. 2: Ordinance Authorizing Industrial Property Tax Credits

Ordinance No. 3: Zoning Ordinance (Adopted January 13, 2003)

AMENDMENT to Ordinance No. 3: (Adopted April 18, 2016)

Ordinance No. 4: An Ordinance establishing policy and level of service in respect to clearance of sno or ice and maintenance of this county's secondary roads during winter months.

Ordinance No. 5: REPEALED

Ordinance No. 6: An Ordinance providing for the establishment of construction standards for installation of on-site sewage treatment and non-public water well systems; for the proper plugging of abandoned wells, issuance of permits, licensing of contrators and waste pumpers, and providing for the penalties for violation of provisions of this ordinance.

Ordinance No. 7: An Ordinance defining and providing for the abatement of nuisances in Hancock County, Iowa.

Ordinance No. 8: An Ordinance requiring person responsible for storing, handling and transportation of hazardous materials to. At their own cost, clean up any leaks or spills of those hazardous materials and provide remedies for Hancock County to clean up spills if the responsible party fails to do so, and to recover the costs for the county.

Ordinance No. 9: An Ordinance providing for the inspection and registration, and construction standards for swimming pools and spas.

Ordinance No. 10: An Ordinance establishing Subdivisions in Hancock County, Iowa.

Ordinance No. 11: Flood Plain Management Ordinance

Ordinance No. 12: Open Burning Notification

Ordinance No. 13: An Ordinance prohibiting the use, possession with intent to use, manufacture and delivery of drug paraphernalia in Hancock County, Iowa.

Ordinance No. 14: REPEALED

Ordinance No. 15: An Ordinance relating to the regulation of sexually oriented businesses

Ordinance No. 16: An Ordinance for Special valuation for wind energy conversion equipment

Ordinance No. 17: An Ordinance establishing precinct boundaries

Ordinance No. 18: An Ordinance regulating the construction of surface drains in the vicinity of county drainage district tile.

Ordinance No. 19: Requiring obedience to provisions of this chapter and state law.

Ordinance No. 20 (Repealed): School Local Option Tax
Ordinance No. 21: REPEALED

Ordinance No. 22: Prohibition of Jail Contraband

Ordinance No. 23: Prohibition against animal nuisances

Ordinance No. 24: An Ordinance for the read option of the existing county code and repealing certain portions therein.

Ordinance No. 25: Prohibiting consumption of Alcohol by a Minor

Ordinance No. 26: An Ordinance for the read option of the existing county code, amending certain portions of 6 and 10, and repealing ordinances 1, 20 and 24.

Ordinance No. 27: An Ordinance providing penalties for Adult persons knowingly providing alcoholic beverages to underage persons at social gatherings (social host).

Ordinance No. 28: An Ordinance permitting the limited operation of all-terrain vehicles and off-road utility vehicles on secondary roadways.

Ordinance No. 29: An Ordinance to establish a policy for Hancock County roads and drainage structure in respect to classification, maintenance, new construction and reconstruction.

Ordinance No. 30: An Ordinance establishing a local option sales and service tax applicable to transactions within the incorporated areas of Britt, Corwith, Crystal Lake, Garner, Goodell, Kanawha, Klemme, and Woden and the City of Forest City within Hancock County an in the unincorporated area of Hancock County, Iowa.

Ordinance No. 31: An Ordinance Regarding the Disposal of Solid Waste, Garbage, Refuse, Recyclables or Yard Waste and Designation of Landfill of North Iowa as Disposal Site